The Weightier Matters of the Law

The Weightier Matters of the Law: Essays on Law and Religion (John Witte, Jr. & Frank S. Alexander eds., 1988).

This book is a great collection of essays in tribute to Harold J. Berman.

Legal History (pp. 1-170):
This section contains six essays on “Historical Interaction of Law and Religion,” including essays on “Ockham and the Origin of Individual Rights,” “Marriage Law in the Lutheran Reformation,” and “Religion, Law, and Revolution in the Shaping of Harvard College.”

Jurisprudence (pp. 179-335):
This section, "Religious Perspectives on Law," contains seven essays, including: James Luther Adams, Conceptions of Natural Law, From Troeltsch to Berman (179); W. Cole Durham, Jr., Religion and the Criminal Law: Types and Contexts of Interaction (193); John V. Orth, Casting the Priests Out of the Temple: John Austin and the Relation Between Law and Religion (229).

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