Areopagitica and Other Political Writings

John Milton, Areopagitica and Other Political Writings of John Milton (Liberty Fund 1999).

Milton’s political works are not as well known as Paradise Lost, but they were quite influential. His political writings convey a Puritan perspective on the biblical role of the state, the nature of freedom, and the role of free people. This book can also serve as a useful reference (456 pages).

From the Publisher's Note:
As poet, statesman, and pamphleteer, John Milton remains one of the singular champions of liberty in the annals of history. Even in his mediations on theology Milton strove to demonstrate that liberty—of conscience—is one of the inviolable rights of free peoples. In his theological writings he seeks to unite ancient philosophy and the authority of the Judeo-Christian scriptures to support the concept of free, republican government. During the crises that wracked English life and liberties during the seventeenth century, Milton's was one of the indispensable voices and pens. He published several revolutionary manifestos, two works defending regicide, and of course the famous Areopagitica, or defense of freedom of expression and the press against censorship.

Read Milton's political works here.

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